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A new recruitment platform exclusive to the Mining Industry. 

The job hunt has never been easier.

What is Mining Select? 

At Mining Select, we are dedicated to helping miners find the right job in the industry. Our app offers a user-friendly platform that makes job searching easier than ever. 

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Made By Miners
Free For Users 
Easy To Use 

How it works:

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Create a profile

Start by creating a profile that reflects your skills, experience, and preferences. This will help us match you with the right job opportunities.

Browse matching jobs 

You will then be matched with jobs that match your profile and requirements. Browse through the options and message recruiters directly through the app to inquire. 

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How it works
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Already signed up as an EMPLOYER? 


How to Post Jobs?

As an Employer, you will get access to real-time chat (plus many other features) with potential workers to gauge interest and conduct early screening.

Mining Select aims to minimise the chance of onboarding workers and having them resign within weeks (because the job is not their fit).

Revolutionise the way you hire with
Mining Select

Mining Select is the first industry-specific recruitment platform for the Australian Mining Industry.


Our vision is to cut out the middleman and create a more streamlined recruitment process for you. With Mining Select you will have direct access to a pool of Australian candidates whose skill sets match your job's requirements. Our platform also has an easy chat system to contact them quickly and directly.

Why Mining Select?

Targeted Talent Pool: Access a pool of qualified Australian candidates tailored to your industry.

Time-Saving Solutions: Streamline your recruitment process with advanced filtering options and automated job matching.

Cost-Effective: Get more from your recruitment budget with a range of packages available to suit your business needs. 


For more details, get in touch with our team. 


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